Standing Meditation

Proper Exercise

In general, a healthy body is a necessary means to the end of a good and productive life. Whether a person is healthy or not depends on how he exercises. With proper exercise, the metabolism of all cells and organs will work well to improve blood circulation and internal energy. In other words, proper internal exercise causes the inside of the body to be in an active state which stimulates cells beneficially. For a person who is fully grown, this maintains body efficiency, strength and health.

Improper Exercise

If a person exercises improperly the opposite result will occur. Over-exercise or improper exercise can harm a person's health and cause diseases. A lot of exercises make the body tired. Many people's hearts are already enlarged because of difficulty in breathing. When exercising for a while, they have to stop to rest the heart, reduce breathing difficulty and return to normal.

An Exercise for the Cells

Chinese Martial Arts have a totally different method of training the body. It is the exercise of sinew, flesh ch'i and blood. It can be called the exercise for all the cells. Its principle is to equally develop all cells and organs of the body at the same time. During these exercises, even though the sinew and flesh can be so tired that a person cannot endure anymore, his heart will not beat irregularly and his breathing will not be difficult. After exercise he will breathe with more ease and comfort than before.

This is because he has developed his sinew, flesh and heart equally and gradually. These benefits are available to all participants regardless of their age or sex. Unlike other exercises there is no set form, so the nerve is not stimulated during exercise and can return to normal. Although meditation is just standing still, actually the sinew, flesh and cells of the inside begin to work and develop. Blood circulation is improved. The inside body is in an active state which enables all organs to develop equally and reduce the ill effects of the enlarged heart.


This exercise is a special art belonging to the Chinese. All along it has been ignored by people because, at first glance, it is difficult to understand. A person might wonder how one can increase strength and improve one's body by simply standing and not moving. In fact, by standing without movement one can not only increase strength, but also heal a lot of chronic diseases that cannot be cured by conventional medicine. For healing as well as prevention, meditation is a valuable, physiologically sound exercise to maintain health and improve stamina.

The Need To Relax

The more complex society becomes, the more people have mental stress and the more they need to relax. According to statistics, every night more than 10 million people in the U.S. take sleeping pills before they can sleep. In Great Britain 750 million sedative pills are taken by mentally stressed and emotionally disturbed people to calm themselves down. From these figures we can see how important relaxing is in our tense and busy society. Now we know why all kinds of people in the world are looking for the key to live a healthy and long life and keep a person young. A famous nutritionist once said, "Unless you can relax, all the vitamins in the world cannot help you." So, when you have learned to relax your body whenever you want, you have learned the secret to keeping young.