Master Wai Lun Choi will soon be offering the complete 12 animal forms on DVD.  Pricing and availability will soon be posted.

In an effort to further the future of the martial arts, Master Choi will release the first comprehensive study DVD and text on the Twelve Animals Forms of the Liu Ho Ba Fa System. This is the first set of short forms that provide the basic foundation of the system. This is the first time that this "closed door" art has been demonstrated to the general public.

Tape 1 - Dragon and Lun Forms, Tape 2 - Pang and Mandarin Forms, Tape 3 - Snake and Ape Forms

Tape 4 - Bear and Leopard Forms, Tape 5 - Crane and Goose Forms, Tape 6 - Eagle and Tiger Forms


A complete companion book to the Twelve Animals Form