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Key Points in the Practice of Liu Ho Pa Fa
Wu Shu Kung Fu April/May 1996
Master Choi discuss the principles and practice methods of Liu Ho Pa Fa. Emphasizing the fundamental theory behind the system.
Principles of Chiang Jung-Chiao's Pa Ka Chang
Pa Kua Chang Newsletter Nov/Dec 1991Vol 2, No. 1
An interview with Master Choi as he reviews the ideas relayed by the famous Pa Ka master.
The Six Combination & Eight Methods of Liu Ho Ba Fa
Kung Fu Fall 1993
Liu Ho Ba Fa
Kung Fu Winter 1995
An overview of Liu Ho Pa Fa history and characteristics.
Liu Ho Pa Fa: Last of China's Closed-door Arts
Inside Kung Fu October, 1986
An introduction to the system.
Standing Meditation
A review of the benefits of meditation
Six Harmonies, Eight Methods
Inside Kung Fu October, 1987


In an effort to further the future of the martial arts, Master Choi has released the first comprehensive study video and text on the Twelve Animals Forms of the Liu Ho Ba Fa System. This is the first set of short forms that provide the system. This is the first time that this "closed door" art has been demonstrated to the general public.

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