Liu Ho Pa Fa System

The complete system consists of six hand forms, The Twelve Animal form (¤T½L¤Q¤G¶Õ),Eight Linking Palms (§f¬õ¤K¶Õ), Six Harmonies Eight Methods Fist (¤»¦X¤Kªk®±), Dragon and Tiger Fighting (Àsªê¾Ô),Coiled Dragon Fist (îhÀs®±) and Coiled Dragon Swimming (îhÀs´å).

The Twelve Animal forms are a set of twelve short forms that build the necessary foundation need to practice the remaining forms. Each set was developed in characteristics associated with each animal. These forms develop the basic body movement and proper breathing necessary to complete the more complex techniques found in the remaining forms.

The main form (Six Harmonies Eight methods Fist) contains some seven hundred different techniques alone. It is in essence contain all of the movements of the other forms, but in for instance in the Dragon and Tiger Fighting form, contain a more in dept extrapolation of the chin na skills found in the main form.